Vision / Mission / Values

Cooking delicious food since 2005


VOur vision is to serve authentic, home-style Indian food. The main motto of our restaurant is to make our customers relish every bite and feel the presence of Indian homes.

Our consistency is in delivering the tasty dishes that satisfy our customers' taste buds. We focus on delivering top-notch food items with high nutrient value.

As our creative force, we have well-experienced chefs who render excellent flavours in all of the dishes that we offer.


MOur mission is to establish ourselves in more countries, fulfilling the hunger for authentic South Indian food and also to become the leading restaurant chain serving South Indian cuisine.


VWe value our customers in all situations. Also, we will strive hard to create new dishes in order to make our customers happy. And it’s our job to ensure that each of our guests leaves happy and to show gratitude towards regular customers.