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Exploring the traditions and culture of South India

On a homestay trip, you get a chance to spend time with the family by observing their customs, values, and culture, which gives them the opportunity to feel the taste of the common life of the natives.

You will get the opportunity to taste the freshly home-made foods, which are equally healthy and delicious, and to live with the locals and be a part of their day-to-day lives.

Malini - Homestay Trip

Rooms at our family house are provided in the form of hospitality and accommodation. Our local family is the host, who welcomes the visitors as their own guests and treats them accordingly.

You get a chance to witness home-style cooking, starting with sourcing the culinary supplies from local markets to observe the cooking process and experiencing a meal together. The main motive of homestays is to give travelers an affordable and homely place to stay that is away from the urban crowd. It allows tourists to get to know the culture of a place more closely.

Chennai, a vibrant city in southern India, serves as the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is one of India’s oldest modern cities. Tamil is the most common language, and many professionals speak English.

Chennai is popularly known for its rich and diverse culture, which has a blend of modernization and traditional values. Chennai is filled with various temples, monuments, culinary traditions, and shopping malls. Not only can you explore architectural masterpiece, but you can also enjoy local delicacies, savour South Indian cuisines, and go shopping here.

Chennai offers a wide range of culinary experiences, from aromatic street food stalls to cozy restaurants, from vintage to modern dining.

The city's culinary scene is equally appealing, whether in the unique blend of spices and textures in local delicacies or treating your taste buds to the authentic taste of South Indian cuisines. You will have the opportunity to experience the preparation of native dishes, thereby gaining a deeper appreciation for the local culture and cuisine.